Recovery in Motion's Mission
Our mission is to provide resources for and by individuals with mental health challenges and/or substance use disorders in the Rappahannock Region who choose to share in their mutual recovery and growth.
 Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Class
Classes to learn how to cope with mental health issues
are held periodically and listed under the Calendar menu.



History and Supporters


Peer Power




Recovery in Motion (RIM) is both an organization and a Support Center. It offers a variety of supportive services, including support groups and one-on-one wellness coaching. No formal diagnosis is needed. Participation is free. Part-time paid staff is supported by an extensive group of Peer volunteers. Please call or check the hours that we're open and come visit. To learn more about RIM, listen to a recent interview with radio host Ted Schubel - August 2014 RIM Interview.  You can also friend us on RIM'S Facebook page.



We started as a group of individuals recovering our mental health who first became acquainted through the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) workshops in this region.
Today, services are provided in community settings like libraries, churches and hospitals as well as in the new Center. 
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Within RIM and the field of mental health, Peers are individuals who each have personal experience with mental health challenges and/or substance use disorder and who are in a supportive relationship with each other.  Experience and extensive formal research has repeatedly shown the surprising power and cost-effectiveness of Peers working together.
Those who wish to participate in activities at the Support Center agree to a Code of Conduct and are welcomed as Members.